What is ASAP?

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What is ASAP?

ASAP is an acronym that stands for “as soon as possible”. It is one of the many acronyms that people are familiar about. Many people encounter the term “ASAP” in everyday conversations and communication media. Whether it’s on printed paper, the radio, television, or the internet, people could regularly encounter the term “ASAP” as a shortened expression for “as soon as possible”. And as it literally suggests, it implies that a particular task or function should be done quickly when used with the term “ASAP”.

A common application to the term “ASAP” is in the corporate world wherein employees are subjected to different tasks and functions that are to be done quickly. In many cases, the term “ASAP” in the workplace is overused and doesn’t have that much impact on the people being told to do a certain task quickly. It’s like every memo or procedural guideline always have the term “ASAP” connected to every project to make or errand to do. Sometimes this particular term has even lost its real meaning of doing things quickly when used every single time. Some people in higher positions choose to use the term “ASAP” only in situations wherein the task at hand really requires immediate attention. Otherwise, basic office or workplace guidelines are followed. In this way, emphasis is put on the urgency of certain tasks which will be better received by workers and/or subordinates.

“ASAP” also serves its purpose as a shortened version of “as soon as possible” in the field of texting, email, and online chat rooms. Many of the common words, terms, and phrases are shortened in these communication media. Not only does it save time to type shortened phrases like “ASAP”, it also results to quicker and faster exchange of comments and ideas. If this actually happened in the workplace, then productivity will be literally increased because of the usage of the term “ASAP” in electronic communications.

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