What is Arzak?

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What is Arzak?

Arzak is a popular restaurant located in the town of San Sebastian in Spain.  This world-famous restaurant is named after its owner, Juan Mari Arzak.  The restaurant serves Basque cuisine and is known by many food lovers and critics around the world.

The location of the restaurant was originally the house of the Arzak family.  It later became a tavern and eventually became a world-famous restaurant.  In recent years, the Arzak has been awarded Three Stars by the Michelin Guide and was named one of the Top 50 Best Restaurants in the world by Restaurant magazine.  In 2011, Arzak was named the Top 8 Best Restaurant in the world.  With all its awards over the years, the Arzak restaurant has attracted many people and food critics from all over the world.

Of course the main attraction of the Arzak is its menu.  Much of the food preparation gets its inspiration from the abundance of the supply from the sea and the Ebro valley.  Other areas in Spain have cuisines which are based mainly on either seafood or meat. With Basque cuisine, one can taste the best of both worlds.  Another quality of the Arzak restaurant that makes them famous is the food’s presentation.  It is even said that it is quite common to see people at every table taking photos of each food item before it is eaten.  This practice is attributed to the many food critics and journalists that frequent the place to get a sumptuous meal or make a food review.  The Arzak offers a variety of dishes from meat appetizers to vegetable-based main courses and, not to mention, the mouth-watering desserts.  Some people complain, though, that the place is receiving so much hype that its popularity causes overcrowding in the restaurant.  Despite these concerns, the Arzak restaurant has continued to attract people from different walks of life to try out their world-famous menu.

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