What is Art?

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Art has been with us ever since the beginning of mankind. From those early times to date art has evolved in the same way that man has. In some cultures there are art forms that have been passed from one generation to the next and continue to be practiced to this very day. Art is a part of our lives in many ways and it remains an important ingredient to a complete and satisfying existence.

One word that can sufficiently define art is expression. One of the most significant differences between man and other forms of life is the ability to communicate using various means. One of these means of communicating or expressing feeling is art. Though it takes various forms art is about an artist, a presentation and an audience. Through sight, sound, and in recent times smell and even taste, an artists attempts to communicate thoughts, emotions, beliefs or instruction to an audience. The artist seeks to share what they have within them while the audience receives.

Art is also an avenue through which man attempts creation, to be a source, to produce that which has not previously existed. An artist will always want to present original work that they have created and developed to a level where it can be presented and appreciated. It gives a sense of satisfaction and power to be able to deliver a new creation. Artists strive to deliver unique beauty that will stimulate thinking and responses from those who get to consume the art. Whether through a song, book, painting, sculpture, drawing, design, styling, dance or in any other form, art offers creative expression.

Many people do not recognize the impact of art in everyday living. Every item, equipment and product that we use has some form of art. The shape of a car is art, the styling of a pair of trousers is art, the music on a radio commercial is art, the layout of the daily paper is art, the pattern on cutlery is art and it goes on and on. Every part of life has a form of art. Most people only consider art as that which is created for beauty, there are art forms however that are created with other consideration apart from beauty. Many of the ancient items that are considered art today were not recognized as art during early times. Even today we still have some great works that go unrecognized because the do not fit into what is currently considered art.

Having said that art is creative expression, it therefore translates to mean that an artist is someone who can express themselves creatively. Art is the artist’s way of sending out a message and it is up to the audience to get and interpret the message so as to enjoy the work put into the piece. Different people may have different views of the same piece of art, this is one of the most beautiful aspects of art. Art allows you to live with your own understanding, thinking and style.

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