What is arithmetic?

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Arithmetic is considered the simplest and most basic branch of mathematics. This particular branch provides concepts on the basic manipulation of numbers through the so-called mathematical operations namely addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Arithmetic may be the most basic off all mathematical categories or branches but it is considered the most important and fundamental for learning about numbers.  Knowledge of arithmetic is important and essential before a person can dig deeper and understand other branches of mathematics.

Being basic and fundamental, arithmetic is typically taught during primary school. Babies and toddlers are typically taught to talk first and then to count numbers at least 1 to 10. As the young children grow up and attend primary school, the subject of counting numbers will be elevated to subjects that include basic arithmetic. Typically the mathematical operation called addition will be first taught to young students.  By addition, kids will be able to learn how two different numbers are added together. Beyond counting these numbers, kids will know the concept of adding one number to another. As the child masters addition, he/she will then be taught later with the operation of subtraction.  Taking out a certain number from another is the basic concept of subtraction.  Mathematical operations like multiplication and division will also be taught at later stages in the child’s educational life.

By a particular age, children are expected to understand the concept of basic arithmetic. Through understand the concepts of the four mathematical operations, students will then be able to apply them to various instances in their daily lives.  Addition and subtraction can well be applied when buying something or making purchases at the grocery store. The concept of multiplication and division may also be applied when calculating for food expenses, bills, and supplies for the whole family or for balancing check books and budgets.

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