What is Aqualipo?

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Aqualipo is the latest technology in the field of plastic surgery that involves liposuction through a water-based fat removal system.  Traditional liposuction techniques are invasive in nature and require longer hours with patients under general anesthesia.  In Aqualipo meanwhile, the procedure is said to be very gentle enough and can even be done in under an hour with patients under local anesthesia. With Aqualipo, the industry of plastic surgery has become even much talked about because of the advancements in fat removal technology.

The procedure involved in Aqualipo is considered to be gentle in nature.  This simply means that Aqualipo treatments are more geared towards people who have stubborn fat areas in various parts of the body rather than those who are very much overweight.  People who are at about the right weight for their height and age but have fat problem areas are considered the best candidates for Aqualipo treatment.  A regular fit individual who works out regularly but can’t get rid of stubborn fat around the thighs or the midsection can benefit greatly from the gentle water-based fat removal technology provided by Aqualipo treatments.

Aqualipo treatments are said to last for under an hour.  Under local anesthesia, the problem areas of fat can be removed gently through an Aqualipo treatment session.  Being a less invasive procedure, Aqualipo also results to less swelling and pain after the treatment session.  Some people even get back to work the day after they had Aqualipo treatment.  The procedure is also considered gently enough in terms of fat removal and this is what makes it a very popular treatment option for those who want to sculpt their bodies to a fitter and healthier look.  The gentler procedure also results to significantly less pain and faster recovery time for patients.  Another great thing about Aqualipo is that the fat cells that are removed from one area may be used to literally fill other areas of the bodies.  People that want breast augmentations for example may benefit from this additional benefit of Aqualipo.

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