What is aquaculture?

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Aquaculture refers to the practice of growing aquatic animals and/or plants in a controlled condition.  It may be done on freshwater or saltwater depending on what is preferred.  Fish is the most commonly grown animal in the field of aquaculture.  Other aquatic life that can be grown through the techniques of aquaculture include sea weeds, oysters, and clams among many others.  Under most conditions, aquaculture is done to increase production of aquatic life for food purposes.

Various species of fish can be grown in controlled conditions involving seawater and/or freshwater.  For many people, fish that is grown through aquaculture technology is said to be very beneficial in terms of preserving the species and the natural population.  Fish produced through aquaculture can be controlled in terms of quantity that is needed to serve the food requirements of human beings. With aquaculture, the natural population of some species will remain undisturbed even if fish consumption will increase.  The use of aquaculture techniques also makes it easier for people to get these aquatic animals and plants for consumption.  These aquatic organisms are basically grown in controlled environments and harvesting them is literally made easier as compared to regular fishing techniques.

Some organizations also use aquaculture to use genetic modification technology.  with this kind of technology, some fish species for example are specifically modified to grow bigger, larger, or meatier.  Some genetic modification is also intended for faster growth of various marine animals and therefore faster production.  Many fish species that are grown through aquaculture are also fed with various supplements and vitamins for supposedly faster and better growth.  The techniques involved in aquaculture are varied and many people have pushed for certain standards in the interest of food safety and environmental impact of the whole industry.  Some people simply do not approve of genetic modification just to boost production as many of them claim that there aren’t enough studies to guarantee the method’s safety.

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