What is Apple Bonjour?

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What is Apple Bonjour?
Apple Bonjour refers to the “Bonjour” software created by Macintosh or “Apple”. It is a “zero-configuration” network system, meaning there is no need to configure IP addresses and DNS servers when using the software. Devices connected to particular network are automatically detected by Bonjour allowing for seamless networking possibilities. Devices that can automatically be detected by Bonjour include computers and printers.

Since Bonjour is developed by Apple, Inc., it comes built-in to a variety of Apple’s products. These products include the Apple MAC OS X operating system on Mac computers and notebooks, the iOS on gadgets like the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It also runs with iTunes, the music player system that is so popular among music fans.

In the world of computers, Bonjour is used extensively for file sharing between computers, printers, and servers. Photos can also easily be shared with iPhoto. Bonjour also works wonderfully with iChat, Skype, and Adobe softwares such as the Adobe Creative Suite. But Bonjour is not only useful in detecting devices and information; it can also detect changes to the particular information. And with this change of status, Bonjour is also able to notify the end-users currently connected to a particular network. In printers, the Bonjour Printer Wizard provides configuration assistance to the user. The software system also works in ethernet networks and even Wi-Fi systems too.

Bonjour can also run on the Windows operating system. One just needs to install the program in case the computer doesn’t have it yet. Though it may have been built originally for Mac computers, Bonjour will also work on computers connected to the Windows network. Bonjour can also run in Safari and Internet Explorer web browsers by detecting devices that are involved in web page advertisements.

There are various other programs that allow Bonjour to run in the background. But for those who don’t like to take advantage of Bonjour’s service, the program can be manually turned off. But one must note that the service will run automatically again after reboot.

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