What is apologetics?

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Apologetics is the science or act that defends the Christian faith. The Christian faith has many critics who question whether the existence of God is real or not. These skeptics also question the validity of the words found in the bible. Christian apologetics have the task of combating movements that seek to promote falsehoods about the Christian faith.

Apologetics explained

Many Christians take note of verse 1 Peter 3:15 when thinking about Christian apologetics. A Christian must be able to defend his or her faith. The bible verse reminds Christians that it is the obligation of any faithful to defend the faith, but the defense must be done with respect and gentleness. The same verse also reminds Christian should be able to present the faith in a knowledgeable manner and can defend Christianity from any form of lies or even attacks.

But Christians must defend the faith without resorting to rudeness, anger or disrespect. A person who is defending the faith must be firm in his or her defense, but should veer away from anger or rudeness. This means that the defense must be done in a Christian-like manner. Defending the faith while being unchristian-like defeats the purpose of doing Christian apologetics.

Primary means of apologetics

There are two main methods in conducting apologetics—classical and presuppositional apologetics. Classical apologetics is the first one and it means that a person must share the evidences that the messages Christians hear and follow are real and true.

The second primary method of apologetics is presuppositional”apologetics. This means that a person who is involved in apologetics must confront the presuppositions or the assumptions or preconceived thoughts about Christianity. Assumptions that must be confronted may include anti-Christian thoughts or ideas.

Being able to defend the Christian faith is a must, and as such, Christian apologetics is necessary for all Christians.

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