What is APC Powerchute?

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What is APC Powerchute?

APC Powerchute refers to a computer program developed by American Power Conversion.  This program was created by the company for the purpose of automating the control of the UPS units which they also manufacture. UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply units are very important to have during power outages or system breakdowns.  Whether one only has a few electronic devices and computers or a large network, the UPS unit/s would always come in handy when there is no power.  With APC Powerchute, the UPS’s functions are enhanced and maximized to provide power when there’s none and to control the temporary shutdown of various computer systems and networks servers.

With APC Powerchute, companies are able to protect their computer systems from possible data corruption due to improper shutdowns during power outages.  This particular program specifically controls the UPS system or unit to detect if it is unattended and shuts it down accordingly.  The hibernation feature also speeds up the recovery time of computer systems.  These basic features are very important and valuable to have especially for companies that rely on computer and automated systems for their entire operations.

APC Powerchute is also able to make logs of the UPS status.  This means that the whole power supply system of a particular company is regularly monitored for system efficiency and data security.  One doesn’t also have to worry about battery failure of UPS units because through this program, battery health is constantly monitored and updates are given if certain batteries need immediate replacement.

The best thing about the APC Powerchute program is that it is able to run on various operating systems and platforms.  With multi-platform functionality, many companies can take advantage of this programs’ benefits to their power management systems. Compatibility with older UPS units is also not a concern because APC Powerchute supports many older UPS models. Installation and configuration is also made easy to simply the whole process and benefit even generic users of the system.

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