What is APB?

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What is APB?
APB or All Points Bulletin is an online video game developed by Real Time Worlds Ltd. It is a MMOG or massive multiplayer online game meaning it can accommodate thousands of gamers playing it simultaneously.

APB features play between robbers and cops set in the modern urban world. The main concept is taking over cities through combat-style fighting with the use of personalized avatars. Gamers could choose to become Enforcers or cop-like characters, and Criminals or the usual bad guys. Just like in the real world, gamers are introduced into virtual cities and fight for cash and territory. The good guys (enforcers) are responsible for keeping peace and safeguarding justice, while the gangs or criminals break the law and create for some great fighting action. Aside from the personalized avatars, gamers can also customize their weapons, clothes, vehicles, music, and his/her virtual environment. Gamers can also choose to have multiple characters on APB and players have a space outside of the fight zone to plan for strategies and crimes.

APB’s creator is David Jones of Real Time Worlds, which is also famous for other games like Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown. APB’s publisher is WEBZEN, Inc., a global entertainment company. APB is said to be the first MMORPG (massive multiplayer role playing game) to make use of a character’s skill, rather than time played, to progress in the game.

Many massive multiplayer online games usually get to be popular and successful. But this certainly was not the case for APB. Critics did not like the game and gave it a score of 58 out of 100. There weren’t also enough users who played the game online to support its continued presence on the web. APB took 5 years to develop, but only lasted in the market for less than 3 months, making it one of the biggest flops in the very lucrative gaming industry.

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