What is anxiety disorder?

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An anxiety disorder s refer to disorders that involve feelings of fear and anxiousness. Under normal conditions, experiencing both fear and anxiety is expected in some situations like losing a loved one or a job for example. In these cases, people often feel uncertainty about their future and this is what makes them feel fear and anxiety. When these feelings become persistent and disrupt normalcy in people’s lives, the situation becomes a disorder. The anxiety disorder may be a result of panic attacks or from drug addiction or from some other irrational fears. With anxiety disorders, the feelings of fear and anxiety are heightened and it will result to the development of physical symptoms like shaking, shivering, hyperventilation, and muscle tension among others.

There are various types of anxiety disorders and one of the most common is called panic disorder. In this type of anxiety disorder, the feelings of fear are directed towards sudden terror or untoward incidents. People who experience this type are said to have panic attacks which may involve profuse sweating, heart arrhythmias, and even paranoia. Some people also experience social anxiety disorder which refers to feelings of anxiousness when interacting with other people. Some people who have this type of anxiety disorder worry too much about how they look or how they are perceived by other people. Different forms of phobias are also considered anxiety disorders because it involves being anxious or fearful of various things. Many people will also be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder wherein a person has excessive fears or worries about basic things in his/life.

Managing anxiety disorders may be through therapy or medications. Some people respond well to regular psychotherapy sessions which can be done privately or with a group. There may also be cases that need some medication usually in the form of relaxants and sedatives. Other patients of anxiety disorder may also be advised to make changes in terms of their activities and overall lifestyle to better cope with their worries and fears.

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