What is AntiVirus 2010?

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What is AntiVirus 2010?
Contrary to its name, AntiVirus 2010 is actually a virus. It is a malware that won’t provide any protection to your computer from harmful files or programs. When suddenly prompted by your computer to install this software, always say “NO” and do not allow the program to run in your computer. But unfortunately, there are times that that this particular malware will install itself on computers undetected.

Typically, AntiVirus 2010 will suddenly pop out in computer screens telling the users that their computer may be infected with some kind of virus. For the innocent ones, they allow the software to be installed on their computer without realizing that they’re actually installing a virus. They only notice later that they’re having problems with some of the applications on their computer. Sometimes it pops out as some form of scanning needed by your computer. It may really seem not harmful as it tells the user to “check the computer” first before the actual installation. That’s why many people get screwed with this virus scam.

But AntiVirus 2010, just like other malwares, does not just pop out and declare itself blatantly to be installed on people’s computers. More often than not, this particular malware sort of “accompanies” or “clings” to other files that you download from the internet. The virus may also install itself when users visit un-secure websites or click unprotected ads. Others get infected by filling out dummy survey forms on the web.

With AntiVirus2010 on the computer, some programs will not run properly anymore, as the virus already tampered with application and program files. It is also common that the users themselves deleted important files on their computers because the AntiVirus2010 scan told them to do so. So once infected by AntiVirus2010, all efforts must be done to have this virus removed from the computer. Experts’ advice must be consulted if one cannot do it independently or reputable anti-virus/spyware programs must be used.

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