What is Antivir?

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What is Antivir?
Antivir is a malware that presents itself as a legit anti-virus or anti-spyware program. Most of it is manually installed by the user into his/her computer without any idea that this is actually a virus in itself and not a virus protector as it claims.

Antivir may be “accidentally” downloaded into the computer’s system through many different ways. One way is by means of pop-out ads. In this trick, Antivir suddenly pops out and tells the user that the computer may need some scanning for viruses. To unsuspecting users, they simply follow basic instructions and allow the malware program to work. After the supposed user approval on scanning the computer, Antivir produces fake reports about the computer telling the user that some system files may need to be updated or that some files contain viruses. After which, AntiVir will do a “sales pitch” wherein it tells the user to purchase the full version of their product which supposedly is the only product that can remove all the virus and malware it had detected. But then of course, this is a fake and false promise. So many users lose their money and still have the annoying Antivir malware program on their computers.

In other instances, AntiVir starts automatically after turning on the computer. This malware program will then provide a long list of supposed infections in the user’s computer. Others will also be redirected to their official website to download tons of fake antivirus system updates. Because of the supposed infections on some computer files, some customers will follow the instructions and download what they believe are anti-virus programs. But instead they are downloading the malware program giving them bogus virus reports.

For those who suspect that Antivir is running in their computers, they must remove the program immediately to avoid further annoyance and further virus activity. It commonly appears as “antivir.exe” and many of the legitimate antivirus programs are able to remove this virus.

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