What is annotation?

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A process of highlighting something really important in the text or taking notes about a text refers to annotation. It plays a very important role in research related to academics and collaborative editing. Annotation can be done manually as well as through software. Various computer applications offer this feature in order to annotate your text. Whether your text is in the form of word document, spreadsheet or presentations, you can annotate it in any way. The person who creates a document sends it to the viewer who in return marks the comments about the text electronically. The creator of the text reads that annotation and edits the document accordingly.


As technology has become advanced, much application software are coming up with new features and attributes. Some applications have an additional feature of voice annotation. Voice annotation lets you hear the annotation written by the viewer of the document. There are four methods of annotating an article or a piece of text. These ways include:

  • General annotation procedures
  • Annotating by hand
  • PDF article annotation
  • Annotation using a web page

All these methods sound different from their name but the procedure is more or less same for all these four procedures. In every procedure, a thorough reading and understanding of the article is required. Annotation cannot be done perfectly by only reading the article. For doing a perfect annotation, the person needs to highlight or underline the important points in the text. There might be some condition given i.e. which part of the article needs be annotated, so in this condition there is no need to read the whole text, read only that part of the text which needs annotation. Annotation requires active reading and it cannot be done after reading the whole article. Active reading means that you should annotate the text while reading it.

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