What is Anhedonia?

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Anhedonia is a term used in the field of medicine, which refers to a person’s inability to experience pleasure. Those who have anhedonia were unable to feel joy even from activities that are normally regarded as pleasurable. Furthermore, those who suffer from this condition are unable to force themselves to enjoy any activity that will make them feel pleasure. Some of the treatment options for anhedonia include seeking professional medical help or waiting for the symptoms of the condition to diminish.

It has been found that anhedonia is a symptom of various diseases, such as schizophrenia and depression. People who have drug problems or are chronically deprived of sleep may also develop this condition. Drug users may have anhedonia as a symptom of withdrawal and those who have been long term drug users may experience this for their whole lifetime.

The cause of anhedonia is not yet fully known. However, one possible reason is that the body has difficulties in terms of processing rewards. Those who suffer from anhedonia may not be able to process dopamine, which is a type of neurotransmitter that enables a person to feel pleasure and joy.

The treatment for this condition varies depending on the severity, as well as other factors. A person who experiences anhedonia due to drug abuse will undergo a different kind of treatment compared to a person who has this condition as a symptom of depression. Treatment approaches may include cognitive behavioral therapy, medications, or counseling.

Normally, it requires two or more treatment methods in order to make the symptoms of anhedonia to subside. It is also possible for the symptoms of this condition to not disappear completely or instantly. Usually, the symptoms gradually decrease with treatment, and the person may experience bouts of happiness followed by moments wherein anhedonia is felt again.

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