What is Android Rooting?

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What is Android Rooting?
Android Rooting means tweaking or tinkering with your Android phone to have administrator rights or privileges. “Rooting” refers to “root” permissions on your phone similar to the concept of administrator rights in Windows Operating Systems and “sudo” in Linux-based platforms. After a particular Android phone has been “rooted”, applications are said to run faster and more settings can be modified according to your needs and tastes.

With Android Rooting, one can be a ‘superuser’ and make extra configurations on your Android phone with no restrictions and/or limitations. While this method or process may be alien to a common end-user, rooting is very much welcomed by geeks and developers. This gives them freedom to access applications that one normally wouldn’t be able to do with generic user rights.

There are many advantages to rooting your Android phones. One such advantage is on the OS or operating system your phone is running on. It’s called “ROM – Read-Only-Memory” and rooting it will mean custom software can be installed on it, and features can be added and upgraded too. Themes can also be customized according to your liking. Full themes can be installed but users also have the option to change graphics randomly. Another big boost to Android’s performance from rooting is increased applications speed. By rooting, kernels can be customized to help the phone’s performance. Kernels are the ones that handle communication to and from the phone’s hardware parts and the software application, so any tweak in this department could boost overall phone performance. Rooting also helps improve call and signal strength by manipulating the basebands.

Not all is good for Android Rooting though. Many caution that the wrong tweaks could mean unrecoverable data or applications. Every phone also requires different ways of rooting, so one must always be very careful before tinkering with his/her Android phone.

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