What is Android 2.2?

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What is Android 2.2?
Android 2.2 is the latest version or update to the Android open platform for use in mobile devices. The Android system came as a result of major industry players working together to have a platform where developers can collaborate on for faster and cheaper development of products in the mobile phone market. Android 2.2 is also called “Frozen Yogurt” or “Froyo” and its release is very much anticipated by users and developers.

Speed is one feature that has been greatly improved in Android 2.2. With the use of JIT (Just in Time) compiling technology, mobile phone applications can now run quickly and efficiently. There is now support for Adobe Flash on the Android 2.2 platform. This is great news for mobile surfers of the net. Android 2.2 also boasts of an “Update All” feature wherein several applications can be updated simultaneously. Users also have the option to choose which applications they want to update automatically. So users will have the power to choose in terms of software or application updates. The updated Android also features Wifi and USB Tethering, with easier-to-use USB connectivity features.

On the developer’s point of view, many also look forward to Android’s 2.2 features including Flash and AIR Support. Since mobile devices on Android 2.2 can now run various Flash applications, developers can now expand to different web application setups. Push Messaging is now also part of Android 2.2 where developers can leverage other services like the C2DM or Cloud to Device Messaging framework, and other applications. Android 2.2 now has enterprise features including device security, enforcement of password policy and remote device locking and wiping. Developers also have access to application error reports, and applications can now be saved externally like on an SD card.

With boosted overall performance and a bunch of new features, Android 2.2 on mobile devices is greatly anticipated by its tech-savvy fans.

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