What is an Unlocked iPhone?

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What is an Unlocked iPhone?
An unlocked iPhone basically refers to a tampered iPhone that is previously “locked” to work only under a specific mobile network provider. Like in the case of AT&T in the US, they have gained exclusive rights to be the mobile network provider for iPhone devices and so these devices are configured to work only using SIMs or Subscriber Identity Modules that are provided by the network. With exclusive rights to the iPhone, AT&T also bundles its SIM cards for all iPhone units that are sold in the market. With this “locked” version of iPhone to AT&T, users and subscribers of other mobile network providers will not be able to use their SIM cards on any iPhone if they desire to have one. This is the main reason why people resort to “unlocking” the iPhone, for them to freely use it using any other SIM card from other competitor mobile phone network.

It actually voids the phone warranty when users decide to unlock their phones for use in other networks. But despite this concern, people still continue to avail of unlocking services offered by third-party computer programmers and experts. Various online services and blogsites also offer assistance and steps on unlocking the iPhone. For many though, the procedure is quite complicated because it involves reconfigurations on both the iPhone hardware and software. Some computer experts and hackers also charge fees for their iPhone unlocking services. But still, iPhone users who want to have freedom in terms of mobile network providers are willing to pay the price to avail of these unlocking services. Unlocking the iPhone is especially helpful to users who frequently travel to other places and/or other countries. It would be quite a hassle for many if one can’t use the same iPhone if one is traveling. It would also be very inconvenient and costly to buy another phone or transfer details from one phone to another when a person is in another location or country, just because his/her iPhone is locked to a specific network.

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