What is an OFT File?

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What is an OFT File?
OFT files refer to Outlook File Templates. So, basically users can make templates using OFT files in Microsoft Outlook. Email templates may be necessary for some people to save time in writing and re-writing content. Like when somebody is asked to give regular email updates to team members in a particular organization, the use of email templates, saved as OFT files, may help get the task done in less time. This means a boost in productivity and ample time to do other functions.

To create or save an OFT file, one just needs to type first a particular email using Microsoft Outlook. Once typing is done, saving the file to have the .OFT extension is next. To do this, one just needs to select the “Save As” option and choose “OFT” as the file type. Having the saved OFT file will allow the user to send the same email or template using another email program. Another way to create an OFT file is through Outlook’s Toolbars option. Users will need to click the View Menu and select Toolbars-Web option. From here, a toolbar will appear for the user to type any website address. This particular webpage will be loaded using Microsoft Outlook. After page loading, users will need to go to the Actions Menu and choose the option “Send Webpage by Email”. After which, users may now save this particular email template and select OFT as the file extension. Using this OFT file template, users will now be able to edit the details on the webpage-type of email. So with all the formatting on the webpage saved as an email template, users will only need to edit preferred details and don’t have to worry much on text and graphic placement issues. The process of utilizing OFT files or templates definitely saves time for the user and allows him/her to perform other important tasks.

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