What is an MPAA rating?

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What is an MPAA rating?

MPAA ratings refer to movie ratings given by the Motion Picture Association of America. The ratings they give are applied to movies that are to be shown in the U.S. and its territories.  The movie ratings are given as some kind of review and indication of a particular film’s theme or content and whether they are suitable or non-suitable for a specific audience or demographic.

If a movie is to be shown in movie houses across the U.S., a film company or distributor may apply for its own MPAA rating.  After a successful review by the board of the MPAA, this particular movie may then be released to theaters with the corresponding rating.  Getting MPAA ratings is a voluntary effort, though, rather than a requirement by law.  This simply means that movie production outfits may choose not to have their movies have MPAA ratings.  The only concern is that most theaters in the U.S. require that movies be rated by the MPAA before they can be shown to the public.  This is to ensure that people will know whether one movie is appropriate for some children to watch.  With this concern, most movies that are made for release in the U.S. are also submitted to the MPAA to get their own MPAA rating.

MPAA ratings are given out through members of the Classification and Ratings Administration.  Movie producers and distributors may also submit different versions of one film to get different ratings for each version.  This is commonly done to have a movie distributed to a wider audience and possibly make the movie more profitable. MPAA ratings include 5 movie classifications namely: G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, and R. G-rated movies may be viewed by audiences of all ages while those labeled with a PG need some parental supervision. R-rated movies have restrictions because of the adult content while NC-17 movies require that no persons below 17 years of age can see the movie.

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