What is an LH surge?

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What is an LH surge?
LH surge is short for “Luteinizing hormone surge” and this refers to an event experienced by women wherein the luteinizing hormone suddenly and briefly rises to a dramatic level. This event is said to occur just before a woman ovulates. This particular event is very important in predicting fertility in women.

The luteinizing hormone is produced by the anterior pituitary glands. It is both present in males and females. For females, the rise of this hormone precedes ovulation, while in males this hormone plays a role in the production of testosterone, particularly Leydig cells. In both, LH or luteinizing hormone is greatly involved in the process of reproduction.

In women’s bodies, the luteinizing hormone will be released at around the time the follicles or eggs in the ovaries are said to be “mature”. This hormone release happens within a 24-48 hour period. The increase in LH levels will then result to the release of the egg along with other bodily processes involving the preparation of the woman’s womb or endometrium for a possible implantation. This particular event is used as a tool in detecting the time of ovulation. Detection of this event greatly helps couples who want to increase their chances of pregnancy.

Usually urine tests are made to determine LH levels in women. And when “LH surge” occurs, couples will then be advised to have sexual intercourse within 2 days as this is the time wherein the woman is expected to ovulate. This is also the time considered as the most fertile period for women. Others extend this particular fertile period to 3 days, depending on the doctor. This process is also very helpful to those who want to undergo artificial insemination. This involves sperm injection or introduction to the female’s sex organ through a syringe or similar device. This procedure is perfectly timed to the most fertile period for women, using LH surge as the indicator and guide. But LH surge happens briefly and so it is also important that the test is taken at the right time and right day of the month. This means that it is very important for women to properly record her menstrual cycle or period to help in the prediction of her most fertile days.

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