What is an FWB couple?

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What is an FWB couple?

FWB couples are couples that play by the so-called “friends with benefits” rule.  Two people that live by this rule call themselves as friends, but they also engage in casual sex once in  awhile or whenever they want to.  Unlike ordinary couples who usually have an emotional attachment to each other, FWB couples typically don’t have any emotional relationship with each other.  This type of couple basically agrees to have a somewhat platonic relationship but may engage in sex whenever an urge arises.

FWB couples are often referred to as generic friends during the day but sexual partners when the night comes.  Quite literally, this is the standard case for FWB couples.  A simple rule is set at any point in the relationship.  One doesn’t have to have the usual attraction or feelings for the other.  They just have to at least accept the other as a sexual partner whenever they want to.  In this way, any party is not taking any responsibility for the relationship unlike the usual boyfriend or girlfriend setup.  After sex, for example, a FWB couple will basically become ‘just friends’ again and go on with their normal lives.  No strings and no attachment in the relationship, and this is what invites some people to engage in an FWB kind of relationship.  This is especially true for people who are afraid of commitment and those who want to test their existing friendships and relationships by having casual sex first before any emotions are entertained.

Not many people, though, approve of the FWB couple setup.  For some people, having sex with someone should only be reserved for those that one has an actual relationship with.  The concept of having sex with a friend is weird for some people.  Some even despise the idea of making sex a casual activity with a close friend, for example.  But as many people would also say, every person has different likes, wants, and preferences in terms of relationships.  With FWB couples, both parties, at least, should be comfortable with the idea that sex is done casually and that both remain as friends with this kind of setup.

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