What is an .FBW extension?

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What is an .FBW extension?

Files with an .FBW extension are actually backup files created by the HP computer system.  Whenever there is a need for recovering certain files that were used in the past, one could retrieve certain data using files with an FBW extension.  Technically speaking, FBW files are HP’s Backup split backup files.  Every time the backup process of HP is complete, files with an .FBW extension are created.  Usually, the file naming convention includes the word “backup” and the file’s sequence number.  In the filename backup09272012. FBW for example, ‘09272012’ represents the series number of the HP backup file.

Files with an FBW extension are typically created alongside an executable file.  This particular file has an .EXE extension. These files are necessary in terms of the data restoration or recovery process.  Running the executable file will basically start the file recovery process using the backup or .FBW file itself as the source.  Without the .EXE or executable file, the data recovery process will not be initiated and completed.  In this case, the backup file with the .FBW extension wouldn’t serve much use if the data inside it cannot be recovered or retrieved.

Files with an .FBW extension are only seen in HP computers.  These files are usually ignored by many people, but they can be very helpful when data recovery is needed. When a computer is infected by malware, for example, it may not function efficiently anymore or may even crash if it is not reformatted.  And when talking about computer or hard drive reformatting, people usually worry about their data and existing system configurations.  In this particular case, backup files like those with .FBW extensions become very handy and useful.  With these backup files from HP, one wouldn’t have to worry about computer reformatting.  Just by running the backup’s executable file, the HP computer will be able to restore or recover data using .FBW or backup files.

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