What is an EAD number?

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‘EAD’ stands for ‘Employment Authorization Document,’ and ‘EAD numbers’ simply refers to the issued number for this particular document.  This document is actually given as a plastic card similar to debit and credit cards, and it contains the EAD number.  Any person that is a foreigner or not a resident of the U.S. needs to secure an EAD number in order to gain the legal right of working in this particularly country.

The EAD card containing the corresponding issuance or registration number also contains other details about the specific person or cardholder.  Basic details like the non-U.S. resident’s name, sex, birth date, and country of origin are included in the EAD card.  The alien registration number along with the alien’s photo and card validity are also part of the EAD details. With the validity date indicated, aliens working in the U.S. will need to follow this particular restriction and file the necessary paperwork for extending their length of stay in the U.S. for working purposes.  It is also important for alien workers to know that working in the U.S. can only commence legally once the EAD or EAD cards are already issued to them.

Not all aliens, though, are covered under the EAD rule or classification.  This simply means that some people are not required to get EAD numbers and, instead, have other documents processed.  This is especially true for aliens who are issued with temporary working permits or temporary visas.  When an employer in the U.S., for example, sponsors several workers from other countries, these workers are typically processed with temporary working permits.  In this particular example, the temporary visas issued to the alien workers are sufficient to legally work in the U.S.  In the same example, there is no need for the alien worker to get an EAD or secure his/her EAD number.

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