What is an AVFX engine?

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‘AVFX engine,’ or ‘Advanced Video FX engine,’ is an executable file that is part of Creative Live Cam, a video handling device from Creative Technology, Ltd.  Whenever a video camera from Creative Technology, Ltd. is attached to a computer, for example, it will activate the AVFX engine to handle the media files stored in the said device.  AVFX engine may also be referred to as the startFX.exe file because this is its actual name when running on one’s computer.

Using Creative Live Cam does not only involve using the actual video camera or hardware device. This device can only be maximized with the use of its corresponding software that is installed on personal computers, laptops, or netbooks.  When the program for Creative Live Cam is installed, it will store the AVFX engine or the startFX.exe file to the ‘Program Files’ folder.  This is similar to other programs or applications that are installed on people’s computers.  Whenever a person needs to locate a particular file like the AVFX engine files, for example, the Program Files folder is the common or default installation folder for many applications.

AVFX engine, or startFX.exe, is a non-essential file and is not required during the startup process of the computer.  This simply means that this particular executable file will only function when the Creative Live Cam program is opened or activated.  There are cases, though, that the AVFX engine may be activated during the boot-up process.  This happens because the Creative Live Cam program may have set to default the activation of this file during startup.  To stop this from happening at every startup, users have the option to disable the AVFX engine at this time.  Many users select this  this option because loading the AVFX engine file during startup may eat up a lot of extra computer resources and may even cause the startup process to function extremely slow. With concerns during startup, the AVFX engine is sometimes referred to as an unsafe file even when it’s not.  Users just need to manually disable this file during startup in order to boot up faster and prevent errors related to this video handling file.

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