What is an Aria?

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What is an Aria?
An aria refers to a musical piece that is intended to be sung in solo with or without musical accompaniment or background. Today though, the arias that people refer to are those sung in solo with an accompanying musical orchestra, which can usually be found in operas and other musicals.

But in the past, an aria doesn’t always have to be sung by a singer. A musical piece may be called an aria as long as it had expressive melody. The piece may only be played and not sung. Soloists didn’t have to be involved in singing a melodic and poetic song for the musical piece to be called an aria. Some people even referred to arias as instrumental types of music. Over time, changes were made in the musical compositions called arias and many types and versions were born including Aria Cantabile, Aria di bravura, and Aria agitata among others. But when people talk about aria in today’s modern times, most people refer to it as the songs sung by a soloist in an opera.

Aria in modern times may or may not have musical accompaniment, just like its meaning in the past. Opera soloists may sing the melodic tunes of an aria “a cappella” style, or without any accompanying musical instrument. An aria may also be in the form of one piece or one melodic song, as opposed to a series of songs that are normally played in a large musical play or opera.

Giuseppe Verdi is one person that has become famous for his aria performances, especially pieces from Rigoletto and Aida. Famous tenors in the name of Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavaroti also became famous because of having arias in their musical performances. Other singers who are also famous with their aria renditions include Ceclia Bartoli, Tito Gobbi, and Thomas Allen among many others.

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