What is an AQSIQ license?

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An AQSIQ license refers to the certification issued by the General Admission of Quality Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China to foreign suppliers of scrap or waste goods and materials.  Before a foreign company can export waste goods to China, it must first get an AQSIQ license.  This particular license or certification is mandatory for foreign countries that wish to trade with China in terms of waste goods exportation.  Even companies and organizations based in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau are required to secure an AQSIQ license to export waste materials to China.

In the case of a foreign company wishing to export scrap metal parts to China for re-use and recycling in various manufacturing companies, it is required to present an AQSIQ license in order for the goods to be accepted by the Chinese authorities.  If there is no AQSIQ license presented, the scrap goods will not even be inspected for clearance purposes.  For successful exportation of scrap goods, each foreign company must register to get an AQSIQ certification.  Part of the certification is a service that assists foreign companies in finding Chinese-based buyers for the scrap products to be exported into China.  Materials that may be exported to China include; scrap wood, metal, paper, and plastics, among others.

For foreign companies that seek to secure an AQSIQ license, there are various prerequisites and requirements for registration.  Commonly required are legal business licenses in the country of origin and operation, familiarity with China’s environmental protection laws and guidelines, certifications and/or accreditations in environmental quality management and administration, and a good record for quality control, sanitation, and safety practices.  Applicants for AQSIQ licenses usually wait for about 30 days to complete the registration and certification process.  Otherwise, if a foreign company does not meet all of the requirements and standards, the application for registration will be turned down.

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