What is Amphetamine?

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What is Amphetamine?
An amphetamine is a drug with a psycho-stimulant or psycho-active effects. When taken, a person will experience a temporary boost in his physical and/or mental functions. This simply means that the person taking amphetamine will be more alert and more awake to do serious tasks and he will be more active and feel more energized to do physical tasks. Persons taking this drug will also experience a decrease in fatigability and loss of appetite.

Amphetamine is a drug commonly used in the treatment of narcolepsy and those with ADHD or attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder. Others specifically use this drug to manage weight problems as amphetamines can result to a loss in appetite for food. But due to this drug’s psychoactive effects, much of this drug is also used as a performance-enhancing drug and as a recreational drug. In many countries, the use of amphetamines for recreational and other non-medical purposes is considered illegal.

Many people have learned to use and abuse amphetamines for its various psychoactive effects that include increased alertness, increased energy, increased libido, improved focus and concentration, improved sense of well being, higher self-esteem and euphoria. Many athletes and sports enthusiasts have taken amphetamines to give them a mental and physical boost in their games and races. In most countries though, the use of performance-enhancing drugs like amphetamines are strictly prohibited and considered illegal. Aside from the mental and physical boost, this drug may also result in unwanted effects like restlessness, headaches, breathing difficulties, increased heart rate, dizziness, insomnia, numbness in various parts of the body, palpitations, seizures, irritability, aggression, paranoia, and even psychosis.

Treatment with amphetamines is based on doctors’ prescription only and must not be commenced unless otherwise directed. This particular drug has serious physical and psychological effects and side effects and so care must be taken when under amphetamine medication.

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