What is American exceptionalism?

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American exceptionalism is a concept that pertains to the ability of US to remain a free country that practices personal freedom, as well as democratic ideals.

American exceptionalism may also refer to the character of the US political institutions in the 17th century during the declaration of its independence, the US revolution and the creation of the constitution.

American exceptionalism explained

The term American exceptionalism was created by the Marxists in their desire to explain how the United States managed to surpass the introduction of Marxism and socialism.

Over the years, the term American exceptionalism has been widely used, and others have even used it as a negative reference. Some use the term American exceptionalism to connote that the US had behaved badly, practices racism and violence.

But many still uses the phrase American exceptionalism as a good or positive reference to the US as a democratic nation where there is freedom of choice and speech. Many still consider the US as a model country especially in the kind of liberty afforded to its citizens.

There are also some debates on the use of the phrase American exceptionalism as there have been contradicting concepts about the greatness of the US.

For some, the US remains to be the country that has achieved unimaginable growth without compromising or stifling the freedom enjoyed by its residents. Many believe that the achievement of the US as a nation can never be replicated by any other country in the world.

Others have used the term American exceptionalism to pertain to the US as a super power that runs the world which has allowed the country to become arrogant. Some use this term negatively and refer to American exceptionalism as the driving force behind the existing racial discrimination between the African-Americans.

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