What is AMD64?

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AMD64 refers to the 64-bit computer processor initially created by AMD. This processor is also referred to as x86-64 or x64. As its name suggests, AMD64 is the current or latest version of computer processor by AMD. It is created using 64-bit technology which is an upgrade to 32-bit technology. The latest computers and devices that are available in the market at present time are now equipped with computer processors made using 64-bit technology including AMD64.

The basic design of AMD64 is to upgrade the existing capabilities of its predecessor AMD32 or x32. Many existing computers in the world today still use computers with processors using 32-bit technology. As the requirements of many businesses and enterprises increase exponentially in terms of processing computerized data, newer processors with upgraded features are needed. AMD64 is specifically designed for the expected increase in demand in terms of computing or processing ability. Another great thing about AMD64 is that it enables backward compatibility with programs and applications that were created in the previous 32-bit mode. Some other early versions of 64-bit processors had compatibility problems with some applications not being able to run smoothly under the 64-bit environment. With AMD64, all applications and programs created using 32-bit architecture will be able to run under the upgraded 64-bit environment without any degradation in terms of computer processing performance.

The upgrade in AMD64 not only provides backward compatibility to older programs and applications. There are also enhancements and improvements in terms of the number of registers and the additional virtual address space. Up to 256 terabytes or TB of virtual address space is available in AMD64. The physical address space is also enhanced to up to 1 TB of RAM or random access memory. With these improvements in virtual and physical memory, computer processing is enhanced for larger tasks required by new applications.

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