What is Amazon?

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What is Amazon?

Amazon happens to be a very popular name for those who are in businesses. There are very many Amazon businesses around the world with one of the biggest being the amazon.com website which is an online retail e-commerce company. There have also been movies, TV shows and documentaries made and named Amazon. All these have however borrowed the term from its original use. It is also important that this original Amazon is not a single entity but rather a number of entities that have been known as Amazon for many years now.

Amazon has on many occasions been used to describe women who have bigger physical size, have great strength and who tend to be very aggressive. In some cases it may be used to describe a woman who is domineering especially if she has the physical presence. This is a more modern use of the term Amazon and may have come from a certain Greek myth. According to this myth, there was once a nation that comprised of only women. The most notable thing about this nation was that they had a very strong army of women warriors. They fought in many wars and had great success over the armies that they came against. This community would once a year go out for sexual encounters and if any of them bore a boy, they would either kill the child or leave it in the wilderness. This is most likely the origin of describing strong and aggressive women as Amazon.

Another well known Amazon is the world’s biggest natural rainforest that is found in South America. This magnificent forest stretches through nine countries and covers a total of a whooping 1.4 billion acres of land. The Amazon forest today holds more than half of the world’s natural rainforests. The largest part of this forest is in Brazil, which is estimated to have slightly more than half the forest within its territory. The biodiversity found in the Amazon forest is simply amazing. Within this forest there lives at least one out of every ten living organisms found on earth. It is home to both rare and common species with one of the most known being the anaconda which gained international popularity following a Hollywood movie that was titled after it. Some have referred to the Amazon forest as ‘the lungs of the world’ because of the amount of carbon dioxide it digests and the amount of oxygen it gives off to the atmosphere.

The Amazon River is another phenomenal feature of the Amazon basin and forest. This river is the world’s biggest river in terms of water volumes and also happens to be the second longest river in the world. A very interesting fact about this river is that despite being the world’s second longest river, there is not a single bridge that crosses over its water.

All these amazing facts could be the reason why business people like using Amazon as a business name. It is possible that they do this in the hope that their businesses will become as great as the original Amazons.

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