What is Amazon S3?

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What is Amazon S3?
Amazon S3 is an online storage service by Amazon Web Services. Designed for software developers, it has an easy and simple web interface for storing and retrieving any amount of data from anywhere on the web, anytime. Through this service, developers can build applications easily especially when it involves storage.

Amazon S3 is also highly scalable, wherein developers pay only for what they use in the service. It is also said to be very flexible wherein one can store any type and amount of data they want, retrieve them repeatedly or just occasionally. Up to 5 terabytes of data can be written, read, or deleted using this service and the number of objects for storage is unlimited. Security authentication is also in place to protect data from unauthorized use.

With the Amazon Service Level Agreement, Amazon S3 provides 99.99% availability and durability. Objects are repeatedly stored on various devices in multiple Amazon S3 facilities for added data protection. Once the objects are stored, the service will detect and repair any lost redundancy. And if file corruption is detected by the system, data will be automatically repaired using the redundant information.

Another feature of Amazon S3 is its ability to allow transfer of large files quickly and efficiently. Files are transmitted via Amazon’s own internal network instead of passing through the internet. This makes the file transfer even faster and more cost-effective than upgrading internet connectivity.

The Amazon S3 service has no minimum fee because you only pay for what you use. Prices depend on the Amazon Region you choose for storing your data. There are also no commitment or setup fees involved, and with the AWS Free Usage Tier, you can avail of the Amazon S3 service for free. This is particularly helpful for new AWS customers to launch new applications or test the service which is free for one year.

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