What is Amaretto?

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What is Amaretto?
Amaretto is a type of liquor originated from Italy. In other words, Amaretto is an Italian liquor characterized by a bittersweet taste with a twist of almond flavor. The liquor is made from almond or apricot pits which is used as base for making the wine. The liquor’s name was originated from an Italian word amaro, which means bitter, although the bitterness was palatable. To neutralize the bitterness of the wine, it is enhanced by adding sweeteners like the sweet almonds.

The word or the name Amaretto can be considered to be describing the taste of the wine itself, which is a little bitter. However, people should not be confused that Amaretto is not the same as Amaro. Amaro is a different family of liquors made in Italy. Amaro has a distinct taste of a stronger bitterness due to herbs used in making the wine.

Amaretto is popular in bars where it is mixed with other liquors and served chilled over ice. Most people express that you would feel like taking something as a dessert, while sipping the wine. The wine has many applications in the culinary department. Many chefs love to use Amaretto as ingredient to many desserts, as well as meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Below are some of the culinary uses of Amaretto:

  • It is good for making meat, chicken, fish and vegetable more flavorful.
  • The wine is also good for mixing with other desserts such as ice cream. It is also a good complements of chocolate.
  • It is also often used as flavoring for the famous Italian cake, Tiramisu.
  • A few drops of the wine are also used as a delicious batter for pancakes.
  • Fish and vegetables are best when dipped in almondine sauce, which is also great when mixed with Amaretto.
  • Amaretto is already a perfect wine that is simply served with ice. However, amaretto is also perfect for serving when mixed with other types of liquor or beverages. Below are some of the best drinks served with Amaretto:

  • Coffee mixed with the wine is perfect in the morning.
  • Cocktail drinks with Amaretto such as French Connection, Godfather, Godmother, Godchild, Toasted Almond and Bocce Ball.
  • Another Amaretto classic is a glass filled with ice and the wine, orange juice poured in and topped with charged soda.
  • When it comes to brands, two are famous and very well regarded producers of the best Amaretto wine.

    Disaronno Originale (28%) is the most popular brand of Amoretto. The brand is famous for its perfect bittersweet almond taste and distinctive look. The brand boasts of its secret formula that remains unchanged since its beginning in 1525. The brand is sold around the globe although its production remains in its original location in Saronno. The company hints about its product’s ingredients. According to the company, their Disaronno Originale is an infusion of absolute alcohol with apricot kernel oil mixed with pure essence of carefully selected herbs (from seventeen varieties) and burnt sugar.

    Lazzaroni Amaretto

    This brand is also popular due to its distinctive taste that is based on the infusion of macaroons. The process results to a delicate almond-apricot taste. Lazzaroni claims that their recipe can be traced back since 1718, although their amaretto started production in the year 1851.

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