What is alchemy?

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Alchemy is an ancient practice or tradition of creating something out of another thing.  In the past, alchemists were known transform objects like basic metals into gold and silver for example.  They are also able to create potions and elixirs to promote long life and youthfulness.  Alchemy was said to be practiced by ancient Arabs, Chinese, Egyptians, and Greeks among others.  The practice was also said to be based on standard chemical processes and principles which are still applicable in modern times.  The philosophical practice of alchemy is considered the precursor or basis of modern chemistry.  The only major difference of alchemy to chemistry is that the latter is associated with magic and mystical phenomenon.

The main purpose of alchemy practice was the constant quest for more wisdom and knowledge.  The alchemists of ancient times were said to strive for the creation of miraculous oils and elixirs.  Using various chemical techniques and standards, making the best potions to cure almost all diseases and to keep youthfulness was the main goal of various alchemists.  Many practitioners of alchemy strived to create the so-called philosopher’s stone which was supposedly the thing that’s needed to turn things into precious stones or gold.  Others also concentrated on perfecting chemical formulations to turn basic chemicals to silver and gold.  There are also people who focused on the creation of magic potions that could prevent aging and promote youthfulness.

The practice of alchemy in ancient times is credited to have influenced various principles that lead to modern chemistry and physical science.  Isaac Newton’s research on gravity was based on some principles related to the use of physical methods in alchemy.  In the field of chemistry, various chemical processes in modern times were formulated because of alchemy standards.  The procedures involve in the manufacture of glass, paints, cosmetics, and liquors all have chemical guidelines that were based from the original studies on alchemy.

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