What is Al-Qaeda?

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Al-Qaeda is a group composed of Islamic militants who have declared a holy war against Jews, Americans and allies. The Al-Qaeda is said to be the force behind the September 11 attacks that killed thousands of people in the US, as well as other terrorist attacks in different countries.

The leader of the Al-Qaeda is Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi, who is worth millions, but his citizenship was taken from him in 1991. Some experts say that the Al-Qaeda is a loosely knitted network since it has connections with various radical organizations in Central Asia, Philippines, Algeria and some parts in Middle East.

Goals of Al-Qaeda

This radical group wants to avenge the wrongdoings of both Jews and Christians to Muslim over the last few years and decades. The Al-Qaeda also intends to change the shape of the world of Muslim by taking out secular states and replacing them under one Islamic political leader.

The group also wants to remove other non-Muslims including Americans out from Saudi Arabia, which is the home to some of the holiest places of Islam.

The network gets its support from others who believe that the US military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the support of the US for Israel, are a war launched against the entire Islam community.

Al-Qaeda is supported by those who consider that the US’s military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as its support for Israel, as a war against Islam itself.

Origins of Al-Qaeda

In 1989, Soviet forces were driven out of Afghanistan by Mujahideen.

The group started in Afghanistan by the end of the 1980s given that some Arab volunteers have decided to join the US-supported Afghan mujahideen fighting to take out the Soviet forces in the country.

Bin Laden then organized some volunteers that later became as al-Qaeda which means “the base”.

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