What is AirPlay?

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AirPlay is a media-streaming feature offered in various Apple products and other compatible devices.  Through AirPlay, music files, photos, and videos may be wirelessly streamed to other compatible devices. The best thing about AirPlay is that it does not need an internet connection to be able to stream media to other AirPlay-capable devices.  As long as the sending and receiving devices are AirPlay compliant, then any media like one’s favorite song or movie may be wirelessly streamed in just a few clicks.

The concept of Airplay involves the use of sending and receiving devices.  AirPlay devices that can send multi-media content to other devices include Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even some newer versions of Mac OS X.  Receiving devices that are AirPlay compatible include the Apple TV and the AirPort Express speaker system.  Starting off exclusively for Apple mobile devices, TVs, and speaker systems, various third party brands are also now AirPlay compatible. These devices include the speaker systems made by Bose, Pioneer, Philips, and Sony among many others.

Another great feature of AirPlay is that one sender device can stream audio, pictures, or video files to multiple receiver devices.  In the case of streaming audio files from a person’s mobile phone for example, the streaming through AirPlay may simultaneously be received by the Apple TV and another compatible speaker or stereo system.  With this feature, AirPlay users can enjoy the seamless streaming of multimedia files across different receiving devices.  Through AirPlay enabled or compatible devices, the multimedia experience can easily be shared across different products seamlessly and without interruption.  Media on a person’s iPhone for example can easily be shared and viewed on a bigger screen like the iPad or Apple TV using AirPlay.  Music on the iPod can also be streamed easily to speaker systems installed in one’s home for the ultimate media-sharing or streaming experience.

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