What is AirDrop?

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AirDrop is a wireless file transfer service developed for various Apple products.  This service basically allows compatible devices to easily transfer and/or share files without the need for email or flash disks and drives. AirDrop is available for both OS X in Mac Computers and iOS for mobile devices starting with version 7. IPhone 5S, IPhone 5C, IPad 4th Generation, IPad Air, and IPad Mini are among the devices that support AirDrop.  For people with multiple Apple devices, sharing favorite movies, music, and pictures is made easier and simpler through AirDrop.

For Apple computers, AirDrop’s file transfer capabilities work through WiFi or Wireless Fidelity connections.  If several computers are connected to a WiFi hotspot for example, these Apple Macbooks may easily share different files like photos and music files.  In the case of mobile devices like Apple’s mobile phones and tablet devices, the sharing of files through AirDrop can be achieved through two platforms namely Bluetooth and Wifi. Either platform allows easy connection between the compatible mobile devices from Apple.  With AirDrop, sharing of important files need not go through email or mass storage devices.  If Bluetooth is turned on for all compatible devices, or if Wifi is available, then the sharing of files can be done quickly and smoothly.

Aside from sharing common files like photos and other images, music or mp3 files, movie files, and other important documents, AirDrop also allows sharing of favorite apps that are available in the Apple App Store. Through AirDrop, users of IPhones for example may share their favorite gaming app to their friends who have other compatible Apple mobile devices.  Bookmarked and Favorite webpages and online forums may also be shared easily with other Apple devices that are AirDrop enabled and compatible.  Due to hardware limitations, older models of the IPhone like the 4S and previous versions do not support or are not compatible with AirDrop.  This is also the same case with old MacBooks that run version 6 of OS X and lower.

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