What is Air Tumblr?

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What is Air Tumblr?
“What is air” is a question posted on the “Tumblr” website to signify their supposed “revenge” on another website called “4chan”. “Tumblr” is a site dedicated for bloggers who want things to be easy and direct to the point. Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook and Twiter, Tumblr is fast-emerging as the choice for people who want simpler interfaces and easier blogging tools.

‘4chan’ meanwhile is another social website which allows anyone to post comments and images, much like a bulletin board. Various boards are available for different topics, so users can choose between boards and post anything they like. The great thing about this website is they allow practically anyone to join the posting and/or blogging community, because no user registration is required.

“What is air” surfaced on Tumblr because users were encouraged to post this question on 4chan’s site and Omegle’s (another site for meeting new friends). The concept of this question was to flood the 4chan website as a sort of revenge for what it did to Tumblr. Many have heard stories that 4chan was not happy with Tumblr because the latter “copied” various content from the former’s site. And so 4chan decided to take down Tumblr by encouraging its users to do a “DDOS” attack or distributed deniable of service – attack. This is accomplished through some program and will result to flooding in Tumblr’s site, leading to service unavailability. And so Tumblr users retaliated with another prank in the name “What is air”. Users were asked to post this on 4chan’s site to sort of annoy them for asking such stupid question. Many users of 4chan would then try to answer the question or try to ask around on what the question is all about. Many got frustrated and annoyed by not getting any answers. Those who got so annoyed will then disconnect from 4chan’s site, which is the main concept of this Tumblr prank.

Many internet users consider these acts as childish but very hilarious. Users from both 4chan and Tumblr continue to brag about who did what and who did something first. “What is air on Tumblr” has spread to other social media sites, making some people laugh and others annoyed.

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