What is Air made of?

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What is Air made of?
Atmosphere is the covering of the earth which protects it from all harmful radiations. It is made up of five different layers of gases and held together by means of gravity. It also plays a role in maintenance of the temperature on the planet. The variety of gases present in the atmosphere is known as Air.

The process of breathing by animals and photosynthesis by plants release gases in to the atmosphere and it constitutes the major components of air. Plants depend on Carbon dioxide in the air for making food. They store it and break them down when they require energy. The key components of air are the gases Nitrogen and Oxygen. Nitrogen constitutes about 78% and the Oxygen content is about 21%.Greenhouse gases, Argon and trace gases are also present in the air. Carbon dioxide accounts for only about 0.03% of the total composition. Neon, Helium, Krypton, Methane, Sulphur dioxide, Hydrogen, Xenon, Ozone, Nitrogen dioxide, Iodine, Ammonia, Carbon monoxide and Nitrous oxide are present in traces. The Oxygen Content in the atmosphere should not go below 16% as it can pose a serious threat to the existence of life. Besides these gases air also contains water vapor, dust particles, spores, volcanic ash and pollen. Polluting agents such as fluorine and chlorine released from industries and vehicles may also be present. The composition of the air changes with humidity, weather changes and location. In addition to sustaining life, air has several other attributes. Without air burning would have been impossible. The different gases present in it are separated by means of a mechanical process which removes the impurities and then subjected to liquefaction. The principle of difference in boiling point is applied for separation. Oxygen is used in steel and glass industries. An atmosphere which is rich in nitrogen content can preserve foods without decay for a long time. Neon is used in tube lights.

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