What is aerodynamics?

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Aerodynamics refers to the field of science that deals with the study of air movement and its interaction or effect when it comes in contact with solid and moving objects.  The study of aerodynamics started with experiments regarding the theory of air resistance and its corresponding effect to moving objects. The first application of aerodynamics was with the use of planes which was called “aeroplanes” in the past.  Through various experimentations, the basic factors or contributors to flight were established and these are weight of the plane, lift, drag or air resistance, and thrust.  All these factors are taken into consideration when studying about aerodynamics as applied to planes.

By studying planes, experts and scientists in the past were basically able to discover that the best-looking plane or the most powerful engine is what it takes for the most efficient flight.  Through consideration of the four factors of basic flight, the field of aerodynamics was eventually born.  The design of the plane is  considered a big part of basic flight along with the weight.  These details are the ones that interact with the flow of air and contribute to the overall efficiency of flight.  The interaction of the plane’s wings with surrounding air and the plane’s corresponding velocity also play a big part in producing an efficient flight.

The concept of aerodynamics can also be applied to other moving objects like cars for example.  One car may have the most powerful engine but its overall design may not be the best in terms of aerodynamics.  Some parts of the car may actually cause too much air resistance which could result to slower speed.  Too much drag may also affect the car’s fuel mileage.  If the car is running more efficiently in terms of engine and design, better fuel economy can also be achieved along with greater speeds.  Whether a person is drivign an ordinary car to work or a car that is built for racing, the concept of aerodynamics is very important to result to a faster and more efficient ride.

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