What is ADHD?

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What is ADHD?
ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a type of psychiatric disorder affecting children. The disorder is a behavioral problem among children where a deficiency in attention span is associated. Children affected by ADHD may show signs of recklessness, agitation, hyperactivity, lack of attention to things happening within the surroundings.

Children with ADHD will have difficulty in socializing and learning. The psychiatric disorder is also known as hyperkinetic disorder. There are known causes of ADHD and can be divided into two factors. The first factor is biological where a child’s personality is an inborn trait. Pre-birth problems may also be considered a biological factor when trauma or brain injuries happen during the pregnancy period of the mother. During birth, brain trauma may also be experienced due to inadequate supply of oxygen getting to the brain. These sub factors contribute to a possible ADHD.

The second factor is considered to be under environmental factors. This refers to the surroundings of the child while growing. This includes stress experienced within the family or may be difficulties in education. These sub factors may bring about the development of ADHD among children undergoing the mentioned types of environmental factors.

Just like other disorders, ADHD shows sign or symptoms. Below are some of the symptoms that show your child might need to be diagnosed of ADHD.

Trouble with Attention

Children with ADHD tend to exhibit attention difficulties. These children act clumsy and oftentimes fail to pay attention to almost every detail. They also have listening problems although they not really hearing impaired. They are also having trouble organizing tasks and get distracted easily.

Hyperactive Behavior

It is normal for a child to be hyperactive at certain times. However, if your child seems to have unending supply of energy, then there must be a behavioral disorder. If your child show signs of at least three of the symptoms listed below for the duration of at least six months, then he or she should be checked by a doctor.

  • Non-stop running and climbing around.
  • Extraordinarily noisy while playing and cannot seem to stay quiet for even a minimum amount of time.
  • Cannot seem to stay in one place.
  • Hands and feet seem to be restless and cannot stop moving while seated.

Impulsive Behavior
Children with impulsive behavior seem to act or do things not usual for their age or intelligence level. If at least one of the symptoms below is exhibited by your child for at least six months, he or she shows sign of impulsivity.

  • The child will not wait for a question to finish and just suddenly blurts out responses.
  • The child is impatient and will not wait for his turn for an activity or even waiting in lines.
  • The child interrupts other people even if he or she is not being talked to or not included in a game.
  • The child talks unendingly about things that seems to be non-sense or inappropriate to the topic being talked about.

Children with ADHD need understanding from all the people around them. Understanding must start from the family, then the teachers and of course doctors. There are proper ways to deal with a child having ADHD. Patience and understanding is the key and of course, knowledge on how to properly deal with them.

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