What is ACPI?

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What is ACPI?
ACPI or ‘Advanced Configuration and Power Interface’ is an industry specification for Operating System-directed power management and configuration.

ACPI was first developed in 1999 by industry leaders such as Microsoft, HP, Intel, Phoenix, and Toshiba to make specifications on power management through the computers’ operating systems. Principles of ACPI development include enabling computers to make configurations on the motherboard by implementing a cost to function trade-off system. These computer systems may be in the form of the basic workstation, servers, desktop, and mobile machines. Through power management, various applications may be run and all will have enough operating system support. It will also lead to more practicality in using new computers and the existing ones will also benefit as applications will function more efficiently and consume power economically.

ACPI is also developed for implementation of power management schemes across the industry. This would mean that efforts by various sectors will not be redundant, as industry players will focus on specifications to make power management OS driven. Because of this scheme, all hardware that is compatible with ACPI will be able to take advantage of the features and benefits of the re-structured operating systems.

Because of ACPI’s development, computers of today are now structured for more efficiency in terms of energy conservation and even noise reduction. Like when a particular peripheral device is not in use, ACPI will be able to turn this off temporarily to conserve energy and use up the power for other applications. Computers will also have “stand-by modes” wherein the OS will direct the computer’s monitor to shut down when idle. It will also allow the computer to “hibernate” without losing any information and continue to save power.

ACPI is a technology developed for implementation industry-wide. Different computer companies will be able to take advantage of its OS-driven features and invest their time and effort on other innovations.

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