What is AARP?

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What is AARP?
AARP refers to American Association of Retired Persons. From its name, one would think that the association is exclusive for retired persons only although it is not the case. AARP has members who are still not retired. This happens as many people are still able to continue working after the age of 50. AARP is a non-profit and non-partisan association, which is composed of persons aging over 50.

AARP is a large association with more than 30 million members. It is one of the biggest non-profit organizations in the United States of America. However, despite its being non-partisan, it has been accused to apply pressure to pass laws such as the 2003 Medicare Prescription Act. The Act was deemed not to be in the best interest of all AARP members.

The inspiration why AARP was founded is NRTA or National Retired Teachers Association. Established in 1947 by its founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, NRTA aims to take in hand common problems or retiring teachers. Typically, retiring teachers are often concerned by health insurance, and the feeling of being displaced after retirement. Teachers receive a small pension at that time, and it is one of the concerns of Dr. Andrus. Moreover, Andrus believe that retiring teachers can still be productive. NRTA took in a large number of members that it became less difficult for Andrus to find health companies offer cheaper cost of health insurance coverage.

After several years of getting more members and being successful with the founding of NRTA, Andrus realized that pension and health insurance is not just concerns exclusively for retired teachers. Dr. Andrus realized that people from all occupations need the same pension and health insurance after retirement. It was then that AARP was founded. The concept is to accept members from virtually any occupation as long as the applicant is aged 50 or older and a retiree. After several years, AARP started to accept both retirees and non-retirees over the age of 50.

Despite of being one of the largest organizations in the US, AARP had some substantial allegation which led to the investigation into its non-profit status. Detractors accused AARP as being a broker to various health insurance companies. In the 1990’s the federal government issued a warrant to investigate the status of the organization. After several investigations, there had been no evidence sufficient enough to modify the organization. Moreover, lobbying accusations against the organization was dismissed as AARP was put under the 501c4 non-profit, which permits lobbying.

AARP proved that such accusations were just propagandas to murk their good name. AARP offers and endorses insurance plans to retiring people with negotiated discounts. This was obviously proven equally beneficial to each member. Other benefits for the members are discounted rates for air flight, travel, hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters. Such benefits can be of great assistance to retirees receiving low income. Another benefit being enjoyed by members is the bi-monthly magazine published by AARP. The magazine covers problems concerning those people over the age of 50. The magazine helps by giving suggestions to its member about the social and political aspects in life.

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