What is a WPD file?

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What is a WPD file?
WPD file refers to a document generated by Corel’s Word Perfect program. This software is a word processing program or tool similar to Microsoft Word. File extensions for Word Perfect documents or WPD files include .wpd, .wp5, and .wp7 depending on the software version. Using converter packs, these files may also be opened using Microsoft Word.

WPD files from Word Perfect are developed by Corel, a company which is more famous for its other products like the drawing tool “Corel Draw”. Similar to the capabilities of other word processing software, Corel’s Word Perfect also supports formatting of text, tables, images, and forms on a WPD file. Several versions of Word Perfect are also created to work with different operating systems from DOS to Windows and Mac to Linux platforms. But aside from this multi-platform feature, many people prefer to use Word Perfect instead of Microsoft Word because it is said to be less expensive. Microsoft’s Office suite is priced higher because of other office- related software. Corel’s Word Perfect meanwhile is considered a great text editor and has multiple functions including easy integration of spreadsheets and presentation files in just one application.

If a person has the Word Perfect software installed in his/her computer, then he/she shouldn’t have any problems opening a WPD file. For those with Microsoft Office installed, they just need to use Microsoft Word to open a particular WPD file. Using the “Open File” option, the user just needs to select “All Files” from the display option list to view the WPD file to be opened. Once selected, Microsoft Word should automatically convert the file for successful viewing. The steps in viewing a WPD file using Open Office and/or AbiWord is similar to the steps when using Microsoft Word.

For people with no word processing or text editing program installed on their computers, their option to open a WPD file would be through online conversion tools. Various websites today offer free conversion of a WPD file to another text or word format. The user just needs to upload the WPD file to the converter website and in a few seconds or minutes the site will give back the converted file, free of charge.

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