What is a VHF Antenna?

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What is a VHF Antenna?
VHF or “Very High Frequency” antenna is one type of antenna that is commonly used in television sets. As its names suggests, this antenna type works on certain frequencies in terms of receiving and transmitting signals. As for VHF antennas on television sets, lower channels are within their frequency range. Under VHF are channels 2 up to 13. Its counterpart antenna category is called UHF or “Ultra High Frequency” and this type is able to transmit and receive signals on higher frequency ranges, particularly channels 14 up to 83 in television sets.

When it comes to VHF antennas, the “rabbit type” or “rabbit ears” is the most familiar to people. This rabbit antenna type usually comes along when purchasing a television set. In the past, there is actually not much TV channels available for viewing and all can be viewed with the standard or basic TV with the VHF antenna setup. As more and more channels and TV stations became available, the need for higher frequency antennas became a need, arising to the development of UHF antennas.

But having either UHF or VHF antenna does not guarantee that all channels can be viewed on the specific frequency ranges for each type. For those with VHF antennas, though this type is able to receive signals from channels 2 up to 13, one may not be able to view every channel clearly as this type of antenna is dependent on the signal coming from the main tower. Most basic types of VHF antennas are said to be working just fine inside homes and offices, but there are also VHF antenna versions that can only receive signals from specific channel ranges. To maximize the channels that can be viewed by a VHF antenna, one must also make sure that the device or television set involved is compatible with the particular antenna. Otherwise, one may have to use a hybrid type wherein both UHF and VHF channels can be viewed clearly.

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