What is a Thesis?

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A thesis is an academic proposition that an individual is seeking to defend through a well-researched and thoughtful process. A thesis is usually applied to persons seeking an academic or professional degree, such as a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. A dissertation is usually a thesis’ equivalent in the doctorate level, however, in many instances the terms are interchanged.

The word ‘thesis’ is Greek in origin which means ‘position’, pertaining to an individual’s stance on a certain subject.

The format for a thesis is usually determined by the organizations supporting the degree-seeker, and can vary from discipline to discipline. For instance the thesis for a Fine Arts student may differ vastly from the thesis of an Economics student.
The first part of a thesis is usually the thesis statement, presented in the form of an opening paragraph. A good thesis statement is something that has a claim to something, but is also contestable. It must also encourage the readers to ask how or why. The point of the whole thesis is to present arguments and counter-arguments to prove that the student’s thesis statement is valid and acceptable.

In the academic setting, a thesis is usually done in the course of a full academic year, during which time the student is guided by thesis advisors (i.e. the faculty) every step of the way. Towards the end of the research, the thesis is defended through an oral examination in front of a panel, called a ‘thesis defense’ or ‘viva voce’ in some countries. Depending on the feedback or grade given in the thesis defense, revision might be needed on the study before the submission of the final thesis paper to the granting institution.

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