What is a T-junction?

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What is a T-junction?
T-junction refers to a road junction that forms like a letter “T”. It is also called a “3-way junction” or “3-way intersection” since it involves three road “arms” or ways forming the “T”. Although T junctions are similar to “Y junctions” that also have three road arms, it is usually differentiated from the latter in terms of the size of the three intersecting roads. If three intersecting roads are more or less the same size, they are usually considered as Y-junctions. T-junctions meanwhile usually involve one minor road connecting to the two larger or main roads.

T-junction type of roads or intersections may or may not have traffic lights to guide motorists. Most people prefer having traffic lights on intersections like T-junctions as these lights help in regulating the flow of vehicles that use the three different roads. Especially in big cities where there are lots of vehicles on the roads, traffic lights are a big help in maintaining a healthy traffic flow of vehicles. But for those T-junctions with no traffic lights, most cities and jurisdictions employ a “right of way” rule. This means that vehicles using the larger or main road have the “right of way” and so have priority in using the road. Vehicles on the minor road meanwhile should “wait” for the vehicles on the main road to pass before joining them on the larger road.

But aside from roads, “T-junction” as a term may also refer to other things and structures that are shaped like the letter “T”. Pipes used in plumbing and those used in cars in trucks also have varieties that resemble the letter “T” and are also called T-junctions. “T-junction” is also a common term in feng shui writings, indicating the spot or location of a house or building on the “top of the T”. According to the writings, it is a bad practice to build houses and buildings on a “T-junction” road.

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