What is a Square Foot?

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What is a Square Foot?
If you literally put four feet and form a square, the space or area inside the square is called the “square foot”. In mathematical terms, a square foot refers to the area of the square with each side measuring 1 foot in length.

Square foot as a form of measurement may be used in so many different things. Commonly, square foot may be the unit of measurement used when talking about land area, office spaces, home spaces, floor area, and other spaces. This particular unit of measurement could also be used in measuring fabric sheets, metal sheets, floor tiles, floor mats and rugs, and other materials that are literally big in terms of length and width.

In homes and office spaces, square foot is a common unit of measurement used to determine how big a particular space is. In a typical square space, the length is simply multiplied with the width to get the total square footage of the area. If for example a home measures 200 feet in length and 100 feet in width, the square foot would result to 20,000. This is done by simple multiplication, 200 ft. x 100 ft. = 20,000 square feet. By having this measurement, one can have the exact house area measurement which could come in handy when doing renovations, retiling, buying area rugs or carpets, and/or selling the house. In terms of lot areas also, the total area in square feet is also used to determine the value of the particular lot. People in the real-estate business also use lot or building area selling prices on a per square foot basis. Like when a potential buyer to a 5000 square foot property or home is given the quotation of 100 dollars per square foot, by multiplying 5000 with 500, the result would be 500,000 and this represents the actual selling value of the property in dollars.

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    February 2, 2019 3:18 am

    I always, and will always believe, that measuring with square feet is stupid. But then we Americans do things stupidly anyway. I mean look at our feet and miles. Square foot measurement isn’t even really accurate.

    A 20’x15′ foot space is 300 square feet making it SOUND larger than it actually is. It’s ONLY 20 feet by 15 feet squared; the total actual feet all around would be 70 feet. But 300 square feet just sounds cooler. Pfft!


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