What is a SQL server?

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What is a SQL server?
SQL servers refer to computer servers that implement and use SQL or Structured Query Language in managing information from database management systems or DBMS. Having an SQL server allows for responding to various queries from client computers through the SQL language.

As a computer language, SQL allows for querying, data insertion, and control of data access. It also allows users to manipulate data by updating and/or deleting them. Creating and editing schemas is also part of the scope of SQL. SQL also allows easy data retrieval from the database and users may set specific permissions for any procedure, table, or view in a particular database. Because of its wide scope and capabilities, SQL is widely used in database management systems. Developed by IBM around the 1970s, SQL was first referred to as SEQUEL or Structured English Query Language. Later the database language was renamed to SQL and has now become a standard from the ANSI or American National Standards Institute. And though it is some form of standard database language, many versions are written using this particular language. Most common versions of the SQL server are developed by Microsoft Corporation and Sybase, with both products named “SQL Servers”.

Microsoft’s latest SQL server version is SQL Server 2008 R2 or SQL Server Kilimanjaro. This was released to manufacturers by the end of first quarter 2010. This version features several updates to its predecessor SQL Server 2008 including a centralized management system for master data hierarchies and entities. This system is called “Master Data Services”. Other new features and updates include Report Builder 3.0 version, PowerPivot functions for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SharePoint, StreamInsight, UC Server Utility, reporting service functionalities for SharePoint, and data-tiering features for the Visual Studio package. SQL Server editions also cater to different market segments like SQL CE or compact edition for those who want it light, enterprise edition for bigger organizations, and the web edition for web hosting needs.

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