What Is A Scene?

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What Is A Scene?
Scene is a very important element in a fictional play or a stage play. It is the occurrence of the different parts of the story and where the real action is being shown. Without a scene, not all other elements will come into play. Therefore, if the scene is not good, the rest will also be affected. However, scene can also be applied as a term in film. Just like in stage plays, scenes in movies really play a major role. It is actually, what makes up the movie. If the entire movie is not cut into different scenes, it will then be not appreciated at all.

In making movies, the division into different scenes is actually very difficult. Many factors need to be considered. Is it enough to have just that number of scenes? How long will each scene take? Will this scene play a significant part for the entire movie or play? What if this scene will be deleted? What scene will be removed in case of overtime? Will a few scenes be created for the purpose of marketing and appeal? Again, all these have to be decided by the creators of the movie or play so that the scene will really be appreciated.

Of course, it is also important for each scene to be related to another. The scenes must be sewn and when combined will create a major impact and will eventually make the entire film be much more appreciated.

The editing of the scenes is also another crucial part. It is actually very difficult especially in movies and this is where the most tasking part enters. Yet, for plays, each scene has to be perfect. Since it will be shown live, there must be no room for mistakes at all. It has to be the best right at the very moment the play has started.

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